What a weekend!

A HUGE thank you to everyone that has come down to Barrier and/or Long Beach to see us and indulge in some surf and turf. All the smiling faces and compliments about our food have made the countless times I’ve banged my head into things on the truck more than worth it. That said, it’s Sunday. I suspect more than one of you might be experiencing a bit of discomfort from a little too much FREEDOM last night, but that’s completely natural and we’ve got you covered with two wonderful recovery plans: drop by the truck on the way to the beach and relax in the sun with a full belly. Some coconut water to wash it all down is both delicious and nutritious… or if that’s not going to cut it you can always go the “hair of the dog” route at Barrier Brewing. I think an ice cold glass of Green Room might make a fish taco or six really pop.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for upcoming news about some awesome events and specials we’ve got planned!

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