For our first week of specials, we brought things down south with huge portions of over-the-top grub!

Our first special burger is The Rodeo Burger, our house blend topped with bacon, barrier beer-battered onion ring, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce.  All of this comes on a toasted sesame seed bun.  It needs help standing up, and you might too after taking on this monster!

The Texan is a lesson in stick-to-your-ribs goodness.  Featuring a giant piece of our home-made buttermilk fried chicken, The Texan comes on texas toast, with a healthy dosage of our homemade honey butter.  As TK puts it, you may be missing your soul if you take one bite and don’t love it.  

Look out for more announcements in the coming days about our exciting changes as we roll out new items!

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Country eats

We’re revamping the menu over at Poseidon’s Kitchen with a slow roll out of new specials a week including a new weekly specialty burger…


This week we’re going country with the Rodeo Burger and the Texan 

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Most people know me as a numbers guy. So I’m just going to submit to that reputation and leave a few numbers here today:

20: The number of days you have left to come get delicious PK cuisine at the beach before we pack it in an move on.

10: Roughly the number of hours you have to slip away from work today and sneak a fish taco or three for lunch.

5: The number of days between now and 8/24 that you have to come visit me at the truck before I move on to the western lands of Valinor.

1: The number of PK meals it takes to wildly improve your day.

0: The number of valid excuses for not coming to the truck this week.

That’s all. Hope to see you soon!

Surf’s UP! (Turf is, too!)

Guess what! It’s SURF WEEK in Long Beach, and it looks like today’s going to have the best waves of the next several days. So sneak out for lunch early to beat the coming storm and hang out on the boardwalk to enjoy the event, with some delicious food of course. And every time you watch a surfer wipe out, just imagine how much better off they’d be if instead of a mouthful of saltwater, they were getting a mouthful of buttery lobster roll!

Lights… Weather… TACOS!

The forecast looks amazing, but that just adds to the perfect storm of reasons to come see us in Long Beach today. What better way to enjoy a glorious kickoff to the weekend than with your favorite PK treat and ocean breeze? Oh yeah, and maybe we should cap the evening off with a BANG, eh? Does a dazzling fireworks display sound about right? I think so too. So give your pet a xanax, bring some friends, and come celebrate America the Long Beach way!

Sound the alarms!

Sound the alarms!

Entering some dark, red and spicy territory… If you’ve been demanding hotter Peruvian sauce, now’s the time to test your tolerance… Mild is still available

Bring on the summer

PK is open for buisness at Long Beach and @barrierbrewing as long as the sun is shining, we will be here! Bring on the summer!

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